Teraquad’s consultancy expertise is focussed on land administration and policy, customs, immigration, border control and governance improvement. We have extensive practical experience of delivering national level capacity building and governance improvement programmes across the world, including sub-Saharan Africa and in the Middle East with a particular emphasis in conflict, post-conflict and non permissive environments including […]

Free Helpdesk

It seems like an old fashioned idea but what if you could just get in touch anytime and get free help and advice? If you are a staff member of any local, state or regional government department anywhere in the world just call or email us, give a brief outline of the challenges your facing […]

Time to digitize?

Land administration systems generate a lot of documents of paper instantly creating problems of storage and access. Add to that the risks of fire and flood, theft or interference and its easy to see why so many local, state and national governments are rushing towards scanning and digitisation of their record sets. Teraquad has considerable […]


Teraquad aims to provide land administration professionals with real world, tried and tested practical approaches to the challenges they face. Through interactive sessions, held by experienced land administration professional trainers, individual trainees are provided with cost effective practical strategies to deal with the current development challenges they face. Lectures and training topics are designed to […]

Remote sensing

Remote sensing is a very broad term used in many development contexts to provide cost effective information gathering in contrast to expensive and time consuming ground sourcing of information. Teraquad has a suite of remote sensing hardware and software solutions that can quickly be applied to solve real-time international development challenges. These include satellite imagery, […]

Old Typewriter

Still using typewriters?

If you are still using typewriters to produce your land titles then you are certainly not alone in the world! Traditional methods of record creation are hard to shake off with many local, state and national government departments wary of the high costs of digitisation and computerisation of existing legacy data. High record volumes, low […]

Technical Support Team

Imagine if you could just click your fingers and suddenly get the extra qualified staff you need to give your project the boost it needs? Well now you can – Teraquad maintains an extremely cost effective Technical Support Team capable of being deployed at short notice to instantly add qualified and experienced capacity to any […]

Property taxation and valuation

Internally generated revenue (IGR) helps countries move away from traditional overdependancies on oil, gas or customs tariffs. Property taxes have some of the highest collection rates of any taxes in any country due to the immovable nature of property and the ready ability to charge or confiscate land through well understood legal channels. Teraquad has […]

Digital mapping

Digital mapping is at the heart of most projects. Seeing data in context is what leads to better understanding and decision making, particularly in government. Teraquad can help you gain a deeper understanding of the environment through a combination of innovative approaches and tried and tested methods. Whether you are dealing with encroachment on government […]