Free Helpdesk

It seems like an old fashioned idea but what if you could just get in touch anytime and get free help and advice? If you are a staff member of any local, state or regional government department anywhere in the world just call or email us, give a brief outline of the challenges your facing and let us solve the problems for you.

Typical calls might deal with putting a staff training programme together, computerising processes or developing disaster copies of legacy data before hurricane season starts all the way up to providing a national CORS network to enable RTK surveys to be undertaken, updating the national satellite image library or defining a national spatial data infrastructure model.

There really is no issue too big or too small to discuss and please be reassured that you will be speaking in absolute confidence to former civil servants who understand the practical pressures of modern government. Even if we can’t assist directly then we may still be able to introduce you to someone who can.

Call Jon Llewellyn on +44 7812 026011 or email