Teraquad aims to provide land administration professionals with real world, tried and tested practical approaches to the challenges they face. Through interactive sessions, held by experienced land administration professional trainers, individual trainees are provided with cost effective practical strategies to deal with the current development challenges they face.

Lectures and training topics are designed to provide sustainable approaches to effective land administration that can be readily deployed without legislative change and, in most cases, with very limited physical resources. The methodologies taught are applicable to paper based land administration systems as well as to sophisticated computerised departments and focus on building successful business models based on lessons learnt in Africa, the Middle East and the rest of the world. The training seminars also help promote the development of effective land administration by providing:

  • a forum for open discussion and frank exchange of views
  • the opportunity to showcase new ideas and innovations
  • a chance to learn from development professionals with up to the minute experience in international land administration
  • the confidence to drive change and reform within delegate‚Äôs own countries

Teraquad can design and deliver custom training programmes to help build capacity in your organisation and motivate staff to engage in reform and development.